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Bernd Gehrig - Gallery

This is the Online-Gallery for the paintings of Bernd Gehrig.

Fee, Härte, Wasser






Fee, Krankheit, Musik






Fee, Hass, Weisheit






Outsider Art

"I move along the narrow path between Outsider Art and Art for museum and gallery. Important concepts are rank growth and weeds. I attempt to look at without valuing.


Some of my paintings are without theme. Among the paintings with theme are:


* the thirteen faeries

* the women from Bialystok (1943)

* the path of the wise woman.


When I am to desribe the attitude I take in painting I would say this. Keep a plaiful approach to your subject and you will be startled by looking at all the possibilities which open for you.


There are beautiful and sublime things which look beautiful and sublime. But this is not the universe. Look at anxiety, destitution, resistance. There is something in them which is worth looking at."